Oak Latches

We offer four types of wooden latch, each one handcrafted to high standards with quality features.

Our Suffolk latches are a classic design while our Harrier latch has an elegant style with its own distinctive features. We also produce a grab latch incorporating an ingenious lever which raises the latch bar when the handle is grabbed.


Our toggle latch is operated by pulling a toggle attached to a leather string - a modern twist based on an 18th century design. 



Tactile and smooth with a choice of finishing oil and oak or walnut plugs.

Latch lever showing microbevel

Each latch bar has a special microbevel ensuring your door closes smoothly.


Well made levers, carefully fitted, lie at the heart of a well made latch.


In contrast to metal latches, our oak latches make a muted "knock knock" sound when closing.

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