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Going Eco

We are trying to be more eco friendly and so from now on the screws/pins will come in recyclable paper envelopes. We have also purchased a Geami WrapPak to ensure that your orders reach you in perfect condition wrapped in honeycomb cut paper.



As we've decided to go green Bertha the horse box is joining us. She is now a gorgeous viridescent colour. We have been working on the inside of her to ensure that she will be watertight. Her seals have been secured with silicon and the vents on the side have been closed. We have managed to find a rubber seal to fit around her tail gates to ensure that she is snug with no gaps for wind.

For future updates on Bertha and any of our products you can subscribe here.


Global friends

We have been very fortunate to have been able to supply companies and individuals throughout Europe and America. We are very proud to have just had our first order from East Asia!

We hope that our customers throughout the World are enjoying using the Little Oak latches and hooks.


Osmo Top Oil

As everything seems to have a 'green' feel this month don't forget that we can finish any of our products for you with Osmo Top Oil. This is based on natural oils and waxes and uses an eco friendly manufacturing process.


And finally...……..

We couldn't let you go without sharing how beautiful the woods look at this time of year. This picture was taken in the Lake District and the colours were so vibrant through a misty day.

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